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PRODUCEL INGENIEROS S.A. is the authorized and exclusive representative for Colombia of the north american company Qualitrol Company LLC, that is the world-wide leader in the provision of instruments, controls, monitors and systems of access of data used by the companies of Distribution and Transmission of Energy. Additionally this company manufactures the systems for the monitoring of the quality of the energy of reference QWAVE.

Qualitrol Corporation has three marks: Qualitrol, AKM and Hathaway.


For a general catalog of the elements of Qualitrol

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Within the extensive product range of Qualitrol and AKM the equipment is gotten up monitoring electronic and protection stops: Transforming (Oil and Dry), Load Tap Changers, breakers, Switchgears and Reguladores of voltage. The line of products includes:
   • Monitors and temperature indicators.
   • Monitors and levels of Liquid.
   • Valves of pressure lightening - Relays.
   • Monitors of density of gas SF6.


monitoring and protection AKM line:
Qualitrol counts on equipment for measurement and automatic registry of the quality of the power in Subestaciones. Line Qwave AND BEN (Previously LEM Instruments).

Quality of power line:
Additionally the mark Hathaway, property of Qualitrol includes:
Electromagnetic IEDs and devices to protect the communications equipment and distribution, such as Transforming, breakers and voltage regulators.

   • Digital Fault Recorder.
   • Recording of sequence of events and announcers.
   • Localizers of fault for Distribution and Transmission.
   • Concentrators of data (RTUs and SIS).


Hathaway Line:







IEDs (Intelligent Electronicses), for monitoring of all the variables and states of the transformer. Temperature of oil, winding, LTC, state of the groups of ventilation and refrigeration, state of overpressure valves. Handling through software of different Seth points for temperature, precooling by measurement of current, exercise of the ventilation groups. Communications DNP 3,0, Modbus, RS485 and remote monitoreo.


509-100 Series Intelligent Electronic for Monitor Oil-Filled Transformers
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509-200 Series Intelligent Electronic Cooling for Monitor Oil-Filled Transformers
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509-300 Load Tap Changer Monitor
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509 DW (Direct Winding) Temperature Monitor
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IEDs (Intelligent Electronicses), for monitoring of the temperatures of oil, winding and LTC in a power transformer. With some of the functions and characteristics of monitors 509. 

505 Electronic Temperature Monitor
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IEDs for monitoring of temperatures of oil and winding. Modeled of the thermal image using RTDs and Clamps.

111-200 Series SCADA-Ready Digital Thermometer
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111-300 Series Transformer Temperature Monitor
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111-400 Digital Differential Temperature Monitor
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111-500 Temperature & LTC Differential Monitor
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IEDs for monitoring of temperatures in dry transforming.

118 Dry Transformer Electronic Temperature Monitor
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118L Series Dry Transformer Electronic Temperature Monitor
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Within the line of monitoring and transforming protection of Qualitrol they are: temperature indicators of oil, temperature indicators of winding, valves of overpressure lightening, oil level, changes of sudden pressure, hand vacuum-gauge, monitors SF6.



AKM Oil Temperature Indicator Series 34 (OTI)
AKM Winding Temperature Indicator Series 35 (WTI)

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4" 150/151 Series Direct-Mount Thermometer
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5" 165/167 Series Direct-Mount Thermometer (with Switches)
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6" 104 Series Remote-Mounted Mechanical Thermometers
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6" 104-400 Series SCADA Output Thermometer
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XPRD Xtra Protection Relief Device
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206 Series Medium Pressure Relief Devices
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208/216 Large Pressure Relief Devices
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Universal liquid level Gage
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Thread Mount liquid level Gage
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The QWave line of Qualitrol offers the best solution for the measurement and registry of the parameters of quality of the power with agreed equipment with norm CREG 024 OF 2005 and its modifications, IEC-1000-4-30, IEC-1000-4-15, IEC-1000-4-7 and IEEE519




Equipment for measurement and analysis of quality of the power in S/E. Measurement with base in norms of Overtones, interharmónicos, Flicker, Pst, Plt, Dips, Swells, Interruptions, voltage, current, Power, Factor of power, energy, option oscilloscope, waveform capture (triggers) in transitory expresses. Entrances: 4 digital Voltages, 4 currents, 24 entrances, 8 digital exits, GPS, universal feeding. Software of management of quality of power and generating software of reports for resolution CREG-024 of 2005 and its modifications.

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Equipment for permanent and automatic control of the quality of the electrical provision Registry of efraccions, surges and interruptions. Control of the quality of the tension according to IN 50160 and IEC 1000-4-30 and with values adjustable limits, automatic Elaboration of conformity information, Statistics, long term evaluations, Analysis of the load flow, absolutely exact Synchronization temporary thanks to
optional card GPS, automatic Administration of several QWave Power.

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Equipment for the automatic control of the quality in networks of distribution of energy in fulfillment to resolution CREG 024 of 2005 and its modifications. It registers minimums of tension, tips and interruptions, THD, Pst, Plt, Stationary Deviations of tension. It controls the quality of the tension according to the norm IN 50160 and IEC 1000-4-30. Built-in modem (Option), 1 digital entrance, 1 digital exit (relay), 4 analogical entrances of tension (3 F + N), Possibility of handling a great amount of devices of automatic form

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Digitalis Fault Recorder. BEN 5000 is a totally Digital Recorder of Faults formed according to the requirements of the client like a centralized or decentralized architecture. It can supervise up to 192 analog channels and 576 Digitalises in his greater configuration. The remote units of acquisition to the Unit of the Control by means of optical fibers are connected that provide the highest immunity to the external interference. 
BEN 500C or is available in a portable configuration or assembly in rack. It can supervise to 32 Analogical entrances and 64 Digitalises.

ben 5000
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ben 500c
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Qualitrol through Hathaway counts on the last technology for location of faults in lines of communication and distribution through travelling wave, which makes the most precise and reliable system of the market

Telefault TWS - Traveling Wave Fault Locator

The localizer of faults TWS of Qualitrol - Hathaway is most precise that 150m of precision for any type of fault in any configuration of lines of discharge and average tension exists +/-. The USA the concept of travelling wave to detect the fault by means of the waves of current of high frequency that travel from the fault towards the ends of the line.

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Telefault DSFL - Distribution System Fault Locutor

Telefault DSFL accurately locates nourishing faults in of average and discharge tension including in short lengths. The system can even give extremely useful results in the most complicated networks in branches. 
    • Cheap 
    • Easy To operate 
    • Precise 

Telefault DSFL uses the properties of the travelling waves generated by a fault to determine the position of the same one.

Telefault P2000 - Low Voltage Cable Fault Locator

The Telefault P2000 combines the functions of a high exactitude and a recorder of disturbances in an only robust portable unit. 
The Telefault P2000 is advisable for all the types of cable faults of low voltage and mainly the intermittent faults difficult to detect. It is connected simultaneously to all the 3 phases of the cable of defective voltage under for registry of events of voltage and allowing the test in any combination of phases. The remote operation is available via inner modem GSM.








These equipment monitorean the state of the power switches and registers their answer in good condition. Portable presentation exists and to install fixed with the switch

BCM 200 - Breaker Condition Monitor
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CBT 400 - Circuit Breaker Test System
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